Michal Maxo Maxian

Innovator, DevOps, freelancer

Free time

I love traveling, sport and people. I can run everyday for new challenge, to meet people or learn something new.


I'm working for long time and my CV is long enough to fullfill several pages, but most of all I need professional challenge. I can work with teams or alone on complex problems. Check my LinkedIn if you are interested in.

Problem solving

It's in my nature to fix problems and when I find problem I'm going for solution. There are plenty problems in the wild and many time people want simple solutions to their problems.
  • Travel to know. Know to travel. I always learn something new and that experience push me to next level.

  • Cutting edge technologies I'm always with top technologies around.

  • DevOps automation I'm focusing on DevOps, Big Data, IoT. I delivered several technological solutions for customers and partners.

  • Non-profit I created education for high schools and universities