Michal Maxo Maxian

Who I am, what I do, where I'm running


I'm working for long time and my CV is long enough to fullfill several pages, but most of all I need professional challenge. I can work with teams or single on several complex problems. Check my LinkedIn if you are interested in.


It's in my nature to fix problems and when I find problem I'm going for solution. There are plenty problems in the wild and many time people can't afford it.

Free time

I love traveling, sport and people. I can run everyday for new challenge and to meet new people or learn new programming language. I do what I love and my time in work is my free time in many cases. It's dangerous world...

My work

My fun. My challenge. My pleasure.

Non-profit way

I'm teaching on several high schools and organizing several teams in startups and education.

Education Startups

I love travelling

I'm looking for new things and I have to learn a lot from the people all around the world.